Things todo in Hanoi from 4pm to 7pm ?

If you want to find a place with open space and breathe the gentle windy atmosphere and watch the sunset, cycling around West Lake in the evening from 4pm to 6pm is the best choice. 

1. Go to west lake and rent a Bicycle to biking around the west lake to enjoy the most beautiful Sunset. 

There are several places to rent bicycles around the West Lake. Bike stores at 29 Nhat Chieu Street, 96 Yen Hoa, Yen Phu Street, or 81 Lac Long Quan Street are good places to rent a bike. 

Bike Plus - 96 Yen Hoa street

Address: No. 96 Yen Hoa Street, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Reference rental price: 50,000 VND/2 hours or 100,000 VND/1 day from 5 am to 11 pm.

Phone number: 0918889981/ 0983985241

Lam Vélo - 45 Trich Sai

Reference rental price: 50,000 VND/first 2 hours, 10,000 VND/subsequent hours, 250,000 VND/day

Phone number: 091 201 8080

2. Go to 115 Quan thanh to take part in the Iconic communist draft beer. 

A tradition that has been preserved for centuries in Hanoi. You will have the chance to experience the unique method of queuing up to purchase beer, a practice that is exclusive to Vietnam.


+ The price of beer here is the same as the general average of Hanoi draft beer, each cup costs 10,000 VND, the whole mug costs 50,000 VND, can pour about 5 cups.

+ When arriving at the beer bar, customers must go to the counter to buy tickets. Tickets here are sold individually equivalent to each cup or a string of 5, equivalent to 1 case of beer.

+ You can bring your own food. Because they mainly sell beer, the restaurant's food is limited and not as rich as other beer bars in Hanoi. The main dishes are cold foods such as boiled peanuts, banh da, nem chua, nem phong...

+Beer tickets are sold on a daily basis. After purchasing, customers will line up at the filling place and get beer depending on their inventory. According to the experience of those who often visit the shop, if you want to drink a lot, you should buy a ticket early (4-5pm) and then exchange beer wherever you want because during peak hours the number of buyers is very large.

Google map: Follow This Map

3. Go to

Why choose CuonnRoll?

Owner Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh She used to be a sports beauty, a judge of the Master Chef competition season 2 in Vietnam and the owner of a famous Wrap & Roll restaurant chain.

Pride in Spring rolls - one of the 50 most delicious dishes in the world voted by CNN or Trang Bang dew-dried rice paper - recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage

A specialty restaurant renowned for serving the most delicious and authentic rolls that capture the essence of Hanoi cuisine.You ll ensure that only the finest and most representative dishes that showcase the culinary heritage of the city.


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