Things todo in Halong bay

 Hello. I have some recommended things to see and todo in Halong City.

😋Foods and local restaurants. ( afternoon and evening )

2. Quynh Thu - Miến & Xoi Xeo

General information

📍: Address: 97 kênh liêm, Halong City. Ha Long, Quang Ninh

⏰ Opening hours: 14:00 - 02:00 am

Reference price: 20,000 VND - 50,000 VND

What's interesting about Quynh Thu - Vermicelli & Xoi Xeo?

Quynh Thu - Burmese & Xoi Xeo is a familiar sidewalk restaurant of many young people in Ha Long every afternoon and evening. The restaurant is located opposite Nhat Ly Goat Hotpot area so it is quite easy to find. Because it only opens at fixed hours, the restaurant is always crowded with customers.

This is the address for fans of mixed vermicelli and sticky rice. The vermicelli here is very chewy and crispy, the eel vermicelli is fried to a crispy golden brown and has a rich flavor. The owner also delicately prepares laksa leaves and peanuts to serve as a side dish, making the spices of this dish even more attractive. Not only that, the shop owner is also very welcoming and enthusiastic with customers. If you like to eat a lot of vegetables, you can ask for more.

Thao Van - Assorted Rice & Grilled Hotpot

📍Address: 180 Gieng Don, City. Ha Long, Quang Ninh

⏰ Opening hours: 18:00 - 02:00 am

• Reference price: 20,000 VND - 150,000 VND

Thao Van - Assorted Rice & Grilled Hotpot is also a place that attracts many tourists here. The dishes at Thao Van are loved by tourists because of their delicious taste, good quality and ensuring food safety and hygiene. Not only that, the space here is very spacious and airy. The restaurant staff is also very enthusiastic and attentive to diners.

Coming to Thao Van, you cannot miss the fried rice at the restaurant or the grilled hot pot with rich spices due to being carefully marinated and with a unique recipe. The spicy taste of the dish goes well with the cool air when eaten at night. You should definitely visit Thao Van restaurant - Assorted Grilled Rice & Hot Pot when you have the opportunity to come to Ha Long.

☕Some coffe shop that have stunning view to halong bay at night

1: Đồi Mặt Trời Hạ Long

Adress: Đặng Bá Hát, Hạ Long

2: Cafe Xưa & Nay

Address: 2 Hạ Long, Bãi Cháy, Hạ Long

3: 1988 Coffee & Bar

📍 Address: X32R+797, Lán Bè, Hạ Long

Bar and Pub

1: 45A PUB Bar Coffee📍: X23X+W62, Bãi Cháy, Thành phố Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh

2: FOM Club Hạ Long 📍: opposite NOVOTEL HOTEL. Sun Carnival Ha Long areas.

3: Pirates Club 📍: 138 Ha Long, Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh.

👣THINGS TODO ( Tours and travel around city )

The best view points in the city ( the whole Halong bay )

Name: Poem Mountain ( Núi bài thơ ) 📍: Address: The path to the mountain is next to house number 86 Hang Noi Street 📍: Google map: Follow this way

The easiest way to get to the hike entrance would be by motorbike, however if you are not comfortable on a bike a taxi can get you there all the same. Using the photo of the map below, you can roughly find the entrance of the hike. Although there are no signs, you can see a giant sign that says ‘PHOTOCOPY’ and a blue door. Hopefully these two photos below can help you find it!

Things to note when climbing:

+ Because the climb will take nearly 40 minutes, be careful when returning before 6pm because there are no electric lights around that route. + There is a very vertical iron ladder to climb up (need to hold tightly and climb slowly) + They have puppies and a mother dog that will bark when you climb the stairs and the foot of the mountain. (They are gentle so rest assured) + Wear climbing shoes and pay attention to sharp, slippery rocks.

When I  arrived there was a lady standing outside eager to show us the way through her home.

Do not be afraid of this lady, the hike is truly located in the back of her house and she will guide you through. You will know it is the right house because she has a few small dogs. They will bark at you, but don’t be afraid they are harmless.

Please Note: You will have to pay her! We heard of couples getting in for 400,000 dong total, . She will try to charge you more, but just tell her that is all you have and she will take you anyway. But its worth it for the best Ha Long Bay view point!



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